About Eightlane Events

Who we are?

For seven years, Eightlane has been the UK’s largest volunteer led athletics & running news site, achieving traffic close to one million page views per month (100,000 users). But what’s new? Okay, now for the exciting part… With our new events platform, Eightlane has taken on the challenge of being the UK’s most comprehensive events search site and now holds more listed races than Runners World! Eightlane also now has the ability to take entries for any running event 24/7 with the lowest commission charges in the market! With features including your very own unique webpage, a self-management entry services that allows you to set entry limits, prices, provide discount codes and download all of this information in a number of formats day or night, this really is the most advanced online entry platform out there. Not only this, by taking your entries through Eightlane, you automatically gain access to our huge following of keen, race searching runners! Catch? No catch, we just are, and always have been, passionate about getting people running!

Sign up as an Event Organiser on events.eightlane.org now and we can get you started within minutes!

Overview – Basics

When you complete the sign up process for an Event Organiser you will be given access to your own 100% secure, race management system for your event (or events). Here you can create your entries, manage your race and edit your unique page. Once you have set the price for your entry tickets, runners can start entering the race. We will store all of the entries for you on our secure servers allowing you access to download all of your race entries day or night. If you are using chip timing you simply need to download your entries & send to your chip timing provider.

Step 1 – Register

Register as an Event organiser on the website. Here we will take some basic details from you. Once you are verified (within 12 hours), you will get full access to a unique event management control panel and full support from our team.

Step 2 – Add Event

Add your event to the website. Update your description, upload your course map, set your location and then create your entry fees for your race tickets. You can even add a banner image unique to your event & set discount codes for your event. Once you are happy with the way your event appears, you then submit your event and you will be live and receiving entries within the hour!

Step 3 – Get Entries

You will be given a unique URL (eg. www.eightlane.org/the-best-race-ever-2014) which you can then send out to all your previous years entries, club members & on your promotional campaigns so everyone can enter your event. Now you can download a list of these entries at any time day or night. You can even continue to edit your event, extend and close entries or even list a brand new event. Whilst all this is happening, you will be receiving monthly direct bank transfers of your previous monjths entry fees. All transfers are processed by working day 2 of each month.


  • £1.00 per entry for a £1-£10
  • £1.10 per entry for a £10.01-£20
  • £1.50 per entry for a £20.01-£30
  • £2.00 per entry for £30+

Please note that these prices are inclusive of VAT. Beware of other sites that charge VAT on top of their commission quotes when comparing. For example: If your race is £18 to enter then you will receive £18-£1.10 = £16.90 into your designated bank account.

Key Features

  • You can customise your unique webpage
  • Add you own image to your page. This can be anything you like
  • A full description with the option to use HTML (if you want to) and add extra images such as a course map, sponsor images, details on previous years events.
  • Add as many entry tickets as you want. You may have different prices or entry limits for different age groups, club members, non member etc…

Self Management Service

As a race organiser, you’ll have access to your own unique control panel within the website only accessible by you. In this area you can do such things as:

  • Download/email/edit you existing entries for you event(s)
  • Amend your entry limit or online-entry closing date, or even create new tickets
  • Add a completely new event
  • See who has applied your unique discount codes when entering your event

How to sign up

How to add an event

How to add in your bank details

How to check & download your race entries